Oliver Wakeman / Gordon Giltrap Collaborations Box Set

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released 2022   Burning Shed

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OLIVER WAKEMAN Announces “Collaborations” 3CD Box Set including re-issues of “The 3 Ages of Magick” with Steve Howe & “Ravens & Lullabies” with Gordon Giltrap

Release April 11, 2022


Oliver Wakeman has the honour of being one of the few musicians to have performed and recorded with some of Prog Rock’s most respected guitarists.

Back in 2001, many years before he became a member of YES, Oliver and guitarist Steve Howe worked together on the “The 3 Ages of Magick” album. Supplemented by an array of talented musicians, this album became a hidden gem in the YES family tree of recordings.

Following his tenure in the keyboard seat for YES in from 2008 to 2011, Oliver teamed up with another British guitar legend, Gordon Giltrap, to record their award winning “Ravens & Lullabies” album, a collection of rock and acoustic tracks featuring the singers Paul Manzi (SWEET) and Benoit David (YES).

20 years following its original release, “The 3 Ages of Magick” is teamed with the album “Ravens & Lullabies” in the new “Collaborations”3CD Box Set. Including remastered versions of both albums along with the previously unreleased acoustic live album, “From a Stage” features music from Wakeman & Giltrap’s many years of performing together across the UK.

The “Collaborations” box set, comprising 3CDs each with a 16-page booklet and individual art prints of the sleeves, will be released by Burning Shed on 11th April.

“The 3 Ages of Magick”, released in 2001, is an instrumental album based in the style of the great 70’s prog solo records. Featuring Steve Howe across 11 of its 13 tracks, the album is both gentle and outlandish in equal measure. The album, based on stories from British folklore, utilises traditional instruments to help tell each story. This remastered version also includes 3 bonus tracks not available on the original release.

10 years later, Oliver and another legendary guitarist, Gordon Giltrap, joined forces after meeting at one of his father’s (Rick Wakeman) Christmas concerts in which they both performed.

“Ravens & Lullabies” allowed Oliver and Gordon to intertwine their acoustic musical abilities in the Lullabies section of the record. The Ravens aspect of the album allowed Gordon to be re-introduced to the Prog community in which he had been a leading figure during his heyday when releasing albums such as “Fear Of The Dark” and “Perilous Journey” (which contained his hit song “Heartsong”). This remastered version also features the bonus studio tracks, “The Forgotten King”, “Bach’s Praeludium” and a new version of Gordon’s classic “Roots” which were only included on the limited-edition double disc release of the original. Also included is a new recording, a piano and classical guitar version of Oliver’s track “The Wedding Approaches”.

This box set package also includes a third disc, “From a Stage”. During the lockdown, Oliver was approached by the sound engineer from one of the Giltrap/Wakeman concerts to say he had found a multitrack recording from a Christmas concert Oliver and Gordon had performed at along with special guest Paul Manzi (SWEET). This allowed a great opportunity to put together the live album “From a Stage” featuring Oliver and Gordon’s interpretations of songs from their collective 20+ years of back catalogues. Including the warmth and musical interplay that became a trademark for their often sold out shows, the recording features songs such as “Heartsong”, “Glimmer of Light”& “Roots”.

The “Collaborations” box set contains 3 CDs each with 16-page booklets including lyrics, previously unseen artwork and many stories behind the creativity of Wakeman and Giltrap. The first 250 box sets will also include the 4th art print of the box set cover numbered and signed by Oliver Wakeman.

A lyric video “Moneyfacturing” from the box set, is now available to view on YouTube. The track is taken from the Wakeman/Giltrap “Ravens & Lullabies” record in the box set and features Paul Manzi (SWEET)

Oliver says: “This is one of my personal favourite band tracks I have ever written and recorded, allowing me to make use of a lot of my collection of keyboards. It is a radio-friendly song which also reminds people what a great electric guitar player Gordon is!”

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QupyT5apZ9g

“Collaborations” will be released by Burning Shed on 11th April.

You can pre-order the set here: https://burningshed.com/store/oliverwakeman

About Oliver Wakeman

Eldest son of prog legend Rick, Wakeman filled the keyboard role, once held by his father, with YES from 2008 to 2011. His work with YES includes the triple live album in “In The Present – Live From Lyon,” “Fly From Here” and the “From A Page” box set featuring recordings from his time in the band released in 2019. During his tenure with YES, Wakeman also toured and recorded as a member of The Strawbs. Wakeman’s debut album (1997) “Heaven’s Isle” was inspired by the island of Lundy, and he has since released a number of solo and Oliver Wakeman Band albums. He has also released several collaborations with renowned musicians, including Clive Nolan, Steve Howe, band mate to both Oliver and his father in YES, as well as writing and recording with guitar legend Gordon Giltrap. Oliver is currently working on his latest album ‘Anam Cara’ due for release in late 2022.

The 3 Ages of Magick with Steve Howe
01 Ages of Magick
02 Mind over Matter
03 The Forgotten King
04 The Storyteller
05 The Whale's Last Dance
06 Time Between Times
07 Flight of the Condor
08 Lutey and the Mermaid
09 Standing Stones
10 The Enchanter
11 The Healer
12 Through the Eyes of a Child
13 Hy Breasail
Bonus Tracks
14 Hit 'n Myth
15 The Faerie Ring
16 Dream Weaver (The Storyteller demo)
Ravens & Lullabies with Gordon Giltrap
01 Moneyfacturing
02 Fiona's Smile
03 From the Turn of a Card
04 LJW
05 Maybe Tomorrow
06 Wherever There Was Beauty
07 Is This the Last Song I Write?
08 A Mayfair Kiss
09 Anyone Can Fly
10 A Perfect Day
11 Credit Carnival
12 One for Billie
13 Ravens Will Fly Away
Bonus Tracks
14 Praeludium (from the Well Tempered Clavier)
15 The Forgotten King
16 Roots
17 The Wedding Approaches (Instrumental)
From A Stage (unreleased live recordings with Gordon Giltrap)
01 Nature's Way
02 Wherever There Was Beauty
03 Elizabethan Pirates
04 Glimmer of Light
05 Isabella's Wedding
06 Maybe Tomorrow
07 If You're Leaving
08 Dodo's Dream
09 Picture of a Lady
10 Anyone Can Fly
11 Lutey and the Mermaid
12 Roots
13 Mother's Ruin
14 Ravens Will Fly Away
15 Heartsong