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Guitar Practiced Perfectly

Guitar Practiced Perfectly
Gordon writes:

As far back as I can remember I have had an awareness of time passing and the need to leave my mark somewhere in life. The obvious path was, of course, music. Since 1966 and my first album release in 1968 I have tried with each subsequent release to improve on what came before.

Over the past few years this need to leave something behind has become uppermost in my mind and very recently I have become the ambassador for a wonderful piece of guitar teaching software called Guitar Practiced Perfectly. This for me is the perfect vehicle for sharing what I have learnt over the years with the world at large. This is truly my legacy and when that sad day comes when I’m no longer capable, or more to point feel in my own mind that I’m not really able to give of my best in the live arena, then I will still have this software to share.

Gordon Giltrap
Oct 2012

The tutorial content of Guitar Practiced Perfectly has been designed, written and compiled to achieve maximum results in the shortest time.

GPP is a first in Practice Management software that allows you to arrange all your practice material and learning into a structure that fits your lifestyle and available time. Plan day by day, month by month.

Study Scales, Chords, Arpeggio, Rhythm, Theory, Ear Training, Sequencing and more, in small easy to learn and playable sections. Never again will you forget to practice an important routine.

Just take a look at what you get - absolutely packed full of the latest features.


One off purchase fee.
Includes full tutorial course to suit all abilities.
Includes over 300 practice routines.
Regular special practice routines and music from Gordon Giltrap.
Free access to special video tuition by Gordon Giltrap.
Weekly updates, tips and news.
Free Product Support.
Mac and PC Compatible.
Access to software updates.

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Build your own daily sessions from a database containing 100's of routines.
Practice in an order that you specify and can change.
Includes all supporting music theory and player notes.
Structured Tutorial course to suit all levels of ability.
Make your paper files and music stand redundant.

Real time Music score and Tab.
Active fret board showing scale shapes and finger positions.
MIDI playback for each routine.
Build a custom Practice schedule for every day of the week.
Adjust each routine tempo to suit your ability.

Built in metronome which remembers all your custom tempo & lead in settings for each routine.
Repeat each routine as required.
Use Auto play for hand free routine changes.
Mix MIDI and metronome Sound.
Use the reporting feature to monitor your progress.

Manage your valuable time to get the most from your practice.
Backup and restore your own custom settings, schedules and routines.
Upload our regular content updates including guest artist routines.
Handy Hints from Tips of the day.

This software will work in conjunction with any existing lessons you may be taking and will only enhance and accelerate your development as a player.

You can find more information at the Guitar Practiced Perfectly website.