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More microphone advice

More microphone advice
Gordon is often asked how to set up a microphone to get a great sound from a guitar.

The Discussion forum has debated the options on several occasions, and one such thread was preserved on the Microphone Advice page.

As webmaster I received the following email from Mike Stranks, which I have reproduced here along with a PDF file of the article mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to Audio Media for allowing us to reproduce the page from their Nov 2007 publication.

Hi Sue

As you know, there's a steady flow of questions and comment to the Guitar Anoraks pages on Gordon's website about recording acoustic guitar.

I thought you - and the Anoraks - might be interested in the attached review of the SE Electronics GM10 Clamp-on Microphone. This is one of several complimentary reviews I've read. The key thing about this one is that it's from a professional audio magazine. The reviewer seems to have hit the nail on the head - to me. When people get problems recording acoustic guitar it's often because they're moving about in front of the mic - often without realizing they're doing it.

This kit is not bargain-basement cheap, but it has a good pedigree. SE mics have an excellent reputation and, actually, aren't that expensive in the scheme of things. Of course, it is a condenser mic, so you do need a mixer or preamp that can deliver 48 volt phantom power.

Best wishes.
Mike Stranks

Another of our "Anoraks" Allan Gardner has set out a very useful index of Sound on Sound Articles on his website Click here

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