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July 2022 News Update

July 2022 News Update

Hello everyone

Welcome to this month’s news page which looks at first glance to be a bit thin on the ground. This is because in about a weeks’ time I shall be announcing some very important news in my musical life the content of which will contain information about a brand new multimedia project that has been in the making for well over two years also information about tab and music available for all those players out there.

I shall also be revealing a brand new documentary about the creation of that multimedia project and numerous links to click onto for your viewing pleasure and will hopefully tempt you to pre order the products.

I will also have info of some ancient GG recordings!

I shall try not to bombard you with the information all at once so shall just reveal what I believe to be the most important news first.

Watch this space!

Castle Park Arts

Many thanks to Michael Gough for organising my intimate afternoon concert at Castle Park Arts on Saturday, and for a cracking opening set prior to my appearance.

What a joy to have that great virtuoso of the harp guitar Martin Pleass in the audience and also to meet his lovely partner Nicky after the concert.

I love this pic (above) of Nicky and I. By the way the guitar isn’t a Gibson! It was bought by me from EBay on a whim but there were no pics of the headstock. Still a fun guitar and sounds quite good.

I hope it will give the lady hours of playing pleasure.

Playing for friends

What a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon playing for special friends Kate and Colin in the garden.

Colin is such a great listener and is always carried away by the music. Just look at that expression on his face. Kate is smiling but you have to take my word for that!


I love this photograph of Carrie Worth the daughter of our dear friend Cathryn who is a senior fund raiser at the QE Hospital Brum.

Carrie is a huge Brian May fan and was thrilled when her Mum told her that Bri was a pal of mine. I was able to gift her a few bits of personal Brian memorabilia.

Here she is holding the beautiful guitar that Brian gifted me in late 2015.

Since this pic was taken her Mum and Dad took her to a Queen concert in Birmingham.

Zoom Lessons update

My Zoom lessons continue to bring me much pleasure. So far I have given lessons to players as far away as New Zealand and the United States.

I feel that teaching is an equal part to my performing and composing life. I feel sure that the time spent will encourage students to create their own pieces, hopefully inspired by the lessons.

All enquiries about online guitar sessions should be made to Paul Roberts at or call him direct on 07860 648068. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you face to face online.

Be well one and all.