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4 Parts Guitar Tour

4 Parts Guitar Tour
I don’t want to single out any particular gig for praise because quite honestly they have all been such great fun, and the audience response has been nothing short of outstanding.

The tour saw the release of our CD entitled 4 PARTS GUITAR ... how clever I hear you cry!

If I tell you that we have sold between forty and fifty CD’s per night it will give you some idea of the enthusiastic response we have received right across the board.

Bearing in mind that the album was put together pretty much from a distance (I recorded my parts and the other guys added their bits at Clive’s studio) it has turned out superbly and Clive has done a great production job.

The tracks are as follows:

giltrap 2881

  1. Maddie Goes West (Giltrap) GG, RB, JE, CC
  2. Monti's Casino (Etheridge) JE, CC
  3. With The Wind (Etheridge) JE
  4. A Renaissance Suite, parts II and III (Carroll) RB, CC
  5. A Renaissance Suite, part IV (Carroll) RB, CC
  6. Five Dollar Guitar (Giltrap) GG, JE
  7. Fiona's Smile (Giltrap) GG
  8. Places Between (Etheridge) JE, RB
  9. A Dublin Day (Giltrap) GG, RB, JE, CC
  10. Les Petites Clochettes (Carroll) CC
  11. Down The River (Giltrap) GG, RB
  12. Fantaisie op.40 (Sor) RB
  13. The Dodo's Dream (Giltrap) GG, RB, JE, CC

At this point in time the album can only be obtained at our concerts, but I firmly believe that this CD deserves to be released on an established label that can give it the promotion it deserves! You can hear a few short samples in the discography section HERE or watch this taster video from High Barn on Feb 19th filmed by Sue Holton.

giltrap 2881
I just want to say what a privilege it is to be sharing the stage with these outstandingly gifted friends of mine. If all goes well we plan to do more quartet gigs next year and a possible one off later this year!

If this wonderful quartet of ours is meant to continue into the future then so be it. If not, it would be a real shame as these shows are bringing much joy and pleasure to so many people.

The four of us I know enjoy making music together and creating an air of fun and spontaneity on stage. The only thing that could stop it moving forward would be setting the time aside to do so.

We all have our individual careers to think of, but I see no reason why these careers can’t run in tandem with 4 Parts Guitar.

Let us hope so.