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July 2023 News Update

July 2023 News Update

Hello everyone.

Obviously although I'm going through a period of grief I'm trying to keep busy and move forward with my life, it’s what Hilary would have wanted.

This month's news is going to be a little like a selection of holiday snaps and pages from a diary.

I have had no gigs this month but have been performing a bit doing the odd opening set for Carrie Martin. These have been under the banner of "special guest" without mentioning that special guest by name because if that were the case it would cease to be a Carrie gig, although that being the case it might sell a few more tickets but do Carrie no favours in terms of her building her career and fan base.

She deserves to be heard because she is a very gifted artist. ‘Phenomenal’ was how Rick Wakeman described her voice after her performance in Tewkesbury two months back.

So do enjoy these snapshots with comments from yours truly.

Funny Story..

Whilst spending a few days with Chris and Annie Abrams in Norfolk last month following on from Carrie's gig at Sharrington Village Hall, Chris and I took a trip into Norwich to the guitar shop there where he had recently purchased a cracking Fender Squire Strat. It came with the wrong sized Allen key so went back to get it there.

Whilst in the shop one of the assistants was setting up a small drum kit to be photographed. The photographer was there ready to snap away when he turned to me and said “my goodness you do look like Gordon Giltrap" I replied “yes it has been said". He then just carried on snapping away, packed up his camera and said farewell. Yes I know I should have told him but it just didn't feel right.

Another Guitar

This time an early Alhambra flamenco bought from a charity shop in Weymouth whilst visiting family.

I have been after one for some time but didn't want to spend a lot. This little beauty was £55. I have purchased some nice new machine heads and a new set of strings. Once set up and thoroughly cleaned up I have a feeling it will sound good and one never knows what might inspire a new tune!

Flamenco guitars are built much lighter than a standard classical guitar. This one has a spruce top and a Cyprus pine body. It’s a cheap guitar but will I believe will show promise. Will report back next month.

So to summarise..

Last month I visited my family in Cambridgeshire and stayed with my cousin and her hubby Jonathan. Jonathan is a retired farmer and Denise is an award winning ceramicist. Check out Denise Brown Ceramics on the internet.

On to Sharrington to open for Carrie.

Travelled to Portsmouth via Weymouth for Carrie's gig. Back to Weymouth to stay with family then on to Glastonbury (not the festival) to stay with friends Jamie Dickson and family at their delightful Air B&B. Climbed the Tor.

Another family weekend in Lincolnshire.

I am now the proud owner of this incredible and very significant piece of artwork need I say more!

I had a wonderful day in Manchester with my beautiful daughter Ruth, my grandson Tom and his lovely partner Michele rounding off a great day at a Black Keys concert.

Seeing my Ruthie enjoying herself warmed my heart.

Also visited the great Johnny Roadhouse guitar shop. Lovely people there who made me welcome.

Attended an Iron Maiden concert in Leeds with Carrie, Darren and Ben Martin and caught up with old friends and band members Nico McBrain and guitarist Dave Murray.


See you next month God and the Universe willing.

Sending peace and love.