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Lessons with Gordon

Lessons with Gordon
Would your playing benefit from a one to one lesson with Gordon?

Maybe you are stuck for that special present to give a guitarist ?

Then why not arrange a personal, enjoyable and educational lesson from Gordon ? It makes the perfect present for the guitarist who has everything, whatever their age or level their playing is currently at, all are welcomed and the lesson can be tailored to cover whatever specific techniques you need help with.

Gordon is an excellent teacher, whose experience and versatility have proved invaluable to past students musical development. His relaxed and calm methods allow you to express yourself fully and push yourself to new musical heights, picking up on areas of strength and helping you overcome difficult hurdles.

Anything from a one off session upwards can be arranged, subject to Gordon's other commitments.

Gordon is always keen to support and encourage younger players. The guitarist Tristan Seume is one such player who has had a course of lessons from Gordon and reaped the benefit: he thoroughly recommends the experience.
Report from Scott Roberts

I'd like to mention a visit that I made recently to Gordon for a one on one lesson. Lesson perhaps isn't the right word because it was more of an experience. For what I believe is a modest fee Gordon will set aside a day (he doesn't take a gig for the evening) and will discuss technique, guitars and generally answer any questions you have about anything GG related.

I'd booked this visit a few months in advance by contacting Sue Holton through this website. It was a special birthday treat for myself and an unforgettable day. I'd been quite nervous about meeting Gordon even though I could tell from this website by his replies he was down to earth and modest about what I believe are his exceptional musical abilities.

On meeting him my initial nerves soon passed as he put me at ease and his delightful wife Hilary was also very welcoming. Poor Gordon must have felt after a while he was being interviewed with all the questions I had for him! He brought out many of his guitars for me to have a look at and play (which I was a bit reluctant to do at first) we then moved on to technique and how I would like to progress with my own playing. To actually watch Gordon play up close was a real thrill and even though I didn't at first feel comfortable playing in front of him I soon relaxed and felt at home.

I've been thinking for a while how to describe what a great experience it really was and it's hard to put into words something that can really inspire someone, but needless to say I came away feeling utterly inspired by this day and after playing the guitar on and off for the last 20 years or so it's been a musically life changing experience.

For anybody who feels a bit lost or stuck in a rut with the guitar then I couldn't recommend enough a visit to the great man. You will also come away feeling like you've been friends for ages, I know I did.


If you would like more information about booking, please contact Sue Holton,  Gordon's webmaster using the form on the Contact page.