Fan Reviews

Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman New Milton 12th Nov, 2013

Gordon and Oliver on stage at an earlier gig on the tour
Review by Phil Werninck

There are cups of coffee and there are cups of coffee. It all depends on the quality of the ingredients, quantities, the temperature of the water, even down to the right cup. So it is with musicians, it is the combination of the notes played, timing, instruments used; and many other subtle variations and techniques that make up a fine piece of music. Tonight the coffee tasted very good.

The sound at the New Milton arts centre has had the acoustics well adjusted. Gordon's guitar retained a very good clarity, with Oliver's keyboards balancing well. This is a very intimate theatre that, gives a great close up feel wherever you sit.

A very appreciative audience applauded loudly with genuine appreciation after each number.

These are two men at the top of their game. Having worked together for around 12 month now, Gordon and Oliver have become a slick duo, and seemed very comfortable together. Both men are very skilled and talented. Whether you have a technical interest, or just an interest in good music, then their performance is I can assure you essential.

The evening was beautifully put together with Gordon's and Oliver's back catalogue given equal airing; these where played jointly, along with a solo spot each. The new joint album, Ravens and Lullabies sits very well in the performance, with very strong material. I felt that the subtlety of the quieter music from the album, is at its best with just guitar and keyboard alone.

The music is backed with stories of how the ideas for them came about, and some of the writing process was undertaken. This definitely added to the quality of the performance, rather than as a distraction. Also it was interesting to get a slightly different angle from Oliver.

With this review I didn't want to pinpoint any particular piece of music. I feel each piece was strong, and as I said perfectly played. I have seen Gordon a number of times, and have loved each performance. But as I said at the beginning of the review. Sometimes you just know that the coffee tastes particularly special this time.