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4 Parts Guitar

4 Parts Guitar CD cover

4 Parts Guitar are Gordon Giltrap, Raymond Burley, John Etheridge and Clive Carroll.

Feb 2011 sees release of our CD entitled 4 PARTS GUITAR ... how clever I hear you cry!

Bearing in mind that the album was put together pretty much from a distance (I recorded my parts and the other guys added their bits at Clive’s studio) it has turned out superbly and Clive has done a great production job.

The tracks are as follows:

  1. Maddie Goes West (Giltrap) GG, RB, JE, CC
  2. Monti's Casino (Etheridge) JE, CC
  3. With The Wind (Etheridge) JE
  4. A Renaissance Suite, parts II and III (Carroll) RB, CC
  5. A Renaissance Suite, part IV (Carroll) RB, CC
  6. Five Dollar Guitar (Giltrap) GG, JE
  7. Fiona's Smile (Giltrap) GG
  8. Places Between (Etheridge) JE, RB
  9. A Dublin Day (Giltrap) GG, RB, JE, CC
  10. Les Petites Clochettes (Carroll) CC
  11. Down The River (Giltrap) GG, RB
  12. Fantaisie op.40 (Sor) RB
  13. The Dodo's Dream (Giltrap) GG, RB, JE, CC

At this point in time the album can only be obtained at our concerts, but I firmly believe that this CD deserves to be released on an established label that can give it the promotion it deserves! You can hear some short samples in the discography section HERE