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Shining Morn CD

Shining Morn cd cover
A brand new studio album from one of the most accomplished acoustic guitarist this country has produced. GORDON GILTRAP has a career stretching back to the late 60's. Gordon's work leans more to classical than rock. He is joined on the final track by old friend and long time collaborator Rick Wakeman and toured extensively in the UK through out May / June 2010 to promote this album.

Gordon writes:  "This album has been at least five years in the making with tracks being re-recorded and stuff added to etc etc. I have agonised long and hard over this release as I do over all my albums, in the hope that it will match up to Troubadour which many of you know I regard as my finest work".

The accompanying booklet gives background details of each track including the tunings used for each piece along with photos of the other artists involved in the recording, Rick Wakeman, Andrew Bernardi, Hilary Ashe-Roy, Ian Carnegie and Karen Tweed. Full info and track samples can be found HERE

Track listing

Shining Morn.
Rachel's Reflections.
Prayer For Phillippa.
Five Dollar Guitar.
Lazy Sunday.
Simply Margaret.
Joy Ride.
Ladies Of Lichfield.
The Passing Of A Queen.
The Dodo's Dream.
Em's Tune.
A Tapestry Of Tears.
Forever Gold.
Fairlight Down.
Tiggie's Tune.
By Angle Tarn.
Minus One.
Ive's Horizon.
Paula's Passion.
Roseberry Topping.
Ring Of Kerry.
Tears Of Joy.
Shining Morn (With Rick Wakeman).