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Commemorative Bronze

Commemorative Bronze

The wonderful bronze created by Frances Firth

To commemorate 40 years in the music industry, Gordon has commissioned a bronze of himself which captures the intensity and energy of live performance.

Gordon, who is a competent painter and illustrator himself, supports and appreciates artists from all the disciplines such as painters, printmakers and sculptors.

For this project he has collaborated with the Warwickshire sculptor Frances Firth, and feels that this bronze captures the creative power of the musician within. You too can own one of these bronzes carrying a personalised message signed by Gordon.

All the bronzes of Gordon Giltrap are completely original and unique.
Each bronze is made by a process known as the 'lost wax process'.
This process ensures that each wax model has to be finished by hand before the bronze statue is cast.
The bronze is cast in the Jewelry Quarters in Birmingham which has a long history of traditional hand made crafts of fine quality.

This offer also includes a CD with four new compositions written by Gordon exclusively to accompany his bronze statue.

Visit Frances' website for more info and other pictures of the bronze.