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Phil Werninck's birthday party Aug 2012

Phil Wernincks birthday party Aug 2012
How do you celebrate your 50th birthday? The answer came when perusing Gordon’s website I realised that he was doing up close and personal performances. I thought this fitted the Venue of the Crown Hotel Lyndhurst, situated in the New Forest perfectly.

The arrangements through Sue, his booking agent, were easy and painless, and to be quite honest, fun. So much fun, Sue and husband Mike were invited as a surprise for Gordon, and new friends for us.

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Most of my friends are not familiar with Gordon’s work, and it was with great pleasure to watch jaws drop as he began playing a perfect set. The acoustics of the hotel are nice and neutral and compliment the acoustic guitar perfectly. Gordon uses subtle amplification that is well balanced. It is not till you hear him play live, that you can appreciate the music at its best and sounding even richer than on cd.

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My guests also where fascinated by the introduction that was given to the songs. How they came about, or how the writing took place.

The set included, On Camber Sands, the lilting dance and energy of A Dublin Day, then the awesome and ever changing Dodo’s Dream, with the multi tracking of the guitar and the title track from the last album the lovely Shining Morn amongst others. Just to prove how special it is to hear the playing live, the song the Lords Seat was not on my immediate thoughts to be played; but live, it becomes a classic, classical piece of music.

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Gordon normally finishes with something Like Lucifer’s Cage as a flourishing finale. I requested one of my favourites, Nursery Chimes; as I thought it would be a nice way for us to finish a perfect evening. To hear the chiming tones of the guitar was calming, and left us very much at peace.

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(Above) Hilary, Gordon's proud wife looks on

Once most of my guests had left, for me the night was completed by a few of us chatting with Gordon into the small hours, about music, art, photography.


Phil Werninck Aug 2012