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released 2008   Classic T DVD5070X

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Presenting Rick Wakeman's Grumpy Old Picture Show recorded Live on Tour. This DVD sees him reprise his very popular role from the BBC Hit Series, 'Grumpy Old Men', in a hilarious one-man show.

Take a front row seat as one of Rock's most legendary stars groans, moans and rants his way through the frustrations, irritations and issues with modern life. Delivered in side-splitting fashion, this hilarious one-man show also traces the extraordinary life, times, and escapades of Grumpy Old Wakeman, enhanced with rare photographs, music and previously unseen footage.

The iconic rock legend identifies with the masses, as he moans and rants his way through the frustrations and irritations of modern life.  Delivered in a highly amusing fashion, Wakeman creates a riotous pastiche of his extraordinary life and escapades, which every self-confessed 'grump' will chortle in relation to.

Featuring performance collaborations with Gordon Giltrap, Jemma Wakeman, Chris Blakey, The English Rock Ensemble and The English Chamber Choir.

Gordon appeared nightly during the tour via filmed footage, whilst Rick played live on stage.

Rick Wakeman's Grumpy Old Picture Show DVD
Review by Gary Hill Music Street Journal

Those looking for a smoking live concert video of Rick Wakeman probably should turn their attention elsewhere. This is in many ways so much more. Rick Wakeman delivers a one man show that is just as much about telling his life story as it is about the music.

After a humorous introduction Wakeman makes his way reluctantly (that is a humorous skit in itself) to the stage. He then begins to tell about what we are about to see and goes into the story of his life. As he performs the musical pieces solo it they actually have musical accompaniment. This is achieved through pre-recorded performances of fellow musicians that are not only heard but seen on the screen. These allow Wakeman to bring his musical performance live while being the only real person on stage.

I have to say that this is the most unique approach I've ever seen for a live concert. It's also incredibly cool. It allows a much deeper connection between the performer and the audience. It seems to bring you into Rick Wakeman's life – at least a little bit. And you get some great music along with it. That's a win-win in my book.

Director: Robert Garofalo
Running time 143 min apprx