Classic Giltrap (Guitar Tuition Book)

cover of Classic Giltrap (Guitar Tuition Book)

released 2006   Registry Publications Ltd  ISBN: 1898466491  

Book of 16 pages with Music and Notes

Gordon Giltrap is of the UK's most accomplished finger-style guitarists and his instrumental compositions are highly regarded. In this collection, classical guitar master, Raymond Burley has taken some of Gordon's most attractive pieces and arranged them for the classical guitar. In these well-crafted arrangements, Raymond has taken advantage of the unique timbre and resonance of the classical guitar to explore the innate subtle nuances, and bring out the special musical character, of the pieces.

Registry of Guitar Tutors Grades 5 to 8

A Christmas Carol
From The Four Winds
The Lord's Seat
Tailor Bird

ISBN: 1898466491  
Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 11.8 inches