Giltrap and Hat - The Starlings

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Giltrap and Hat

The Starlings

It has been my pleasure over the past few years to contribute my guitar work to my friend Nigel Bates lovely songs. It’s hard to believe it has taken all this time to complete the album but it has grown in a lovely organic way. The journey has in many ways has been quite emotional bearing in mind that much of the work was done whilst my Hilary was still here.

Throughout that time, I had the pleasure of working with special guests Susy Wall, Carrie Martin and Rachel from Nigel's band. The whole thing was engineered by Nigel's amazing son and bass player Perry without whom.... I have asked Nigel, Carrie and Susy to share some of their memories of the sessions in Nigel's garden studio.

The album will be released on all the digital platforms through Mirror Noir and should be available on download by April 19th, and there are plans for a CD release later this year but more of that later.

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Carrie writes: It’s always an honour to be asked to be a part of another musicians work. I was thrilled to do the main vocal on ‘Stop the Clock’, an intriguing song about time, the lyrics really do make you stop and think. I also did some backing vocals on another track and if I had to sum up my time at Nigel’s studio that day, I would have just two words, ‘Great Fun’ . Thanks for the invite, Nigel and Gordon

Susy writes: I absolutely loved singing on Nigel’s gorgeous tracks for the album, The Starlings. It felt like such a privilege to be part of the recording process and to spend time with the lovely Nigel and Gordon in Nigel’s garden studio The songs are beautiful and such a joy to sing… Nigel has a way or writing that conveys so many different emotions. An absolute thrill to be part of something so glorious.