Janschology (Anniversary Edition)

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Janschology notes

Way back in 2000 I released a six track CD entitled Janschology. This was my way of paying homage to the profound influence that Bert Jansch had on my playing. I would even goes as far as to say that his first album was life changing for this 17 year old fledgling guitarist!

I can count on the fingers and thumb of one hand the guitarists that influenced me. Starting out with Hank Marvin, then The Beatle’s George Harrison, followed by Pete Townshend, Bert Jansch, and finally John Renbourn. All markedly individual players.

Bert really was the main one for me at that time.

I recently received a request from the Bert Jansch Foundation, of which I am a patron to see whether I had any thoughts as to how I could mark the tragic passing of Bert and his beloved wife Loren 10 years ago. 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the tragic passing of Bert and Loren. To this end I decided to re-release my 2000 CD “Janschology,” this time on line as a download and including the recording I did for a video to let the world hear how beautiful my new ‘Baby Fylde' sounded on this brand new recording of “Loren.” This is a personal tribute to a beautiful and remarkable lady who devoted the last years of her life to Bert and his career. She made sure that his legacy remained iron clad. In a similar way my own lovely wife Hilary has steadfastly supported all my endeavours over the past 35 years. Both remarkable and strong women.

It was my privilege to perform 'Loren' at a tribute concert to Bert at the Festival Hall a few years ago. I was determined to remind people of the great woman behind the great man.

The photo on the cover of the re-released Janschology was taken by Hilary at their wedding. Since lockdown Hilary has spent months sorting out photos. I was personally at a loss as to finding the right image for the cover, and literally minutes after discussing a cover idea with Mark Soden of MirrorNoir I walked into the office and there on the desk was a pile of photographs taken by Hilary on Bert and Loren’s wedding day. They had just surfaced from the hundreds of pics we have. The chosen image was not only beautiful but perfect for the cover and is of course copyright free!! Well done beloved Hilary. xxx

The CD is available from November 2021 from MirrorNoir records.