Eye of the Wind Rhapsody

Available from:

The Eye of the Wind Rhapsody can now be downloaded on all the digital platforms. I have already had a very favourable response from folk who have heard it, all we need now is for Classic FM to pick up on it. Dream on Giltrap I hear you cry!

The good news is that all the parts including the master-score have been lovingly restored in digital format by my good friend Adam Parrish and is available FREE OF CHARGE to any orchestras out there who wish to perform it. Just contact our beloved webmaster Sue Holton via the contact page, and she will make that happen for you.

My sincere thanks go to Adam for this labour of love that the dear chap spent literally months on and off in between his busy musical life to make sure everything is in perfect working order, (if one can apply that to the written word) for orchestra leaders and managers to acquire painlessly in readiness for performance.