Tools of the Trade

Gordon uses....

Gordon uses....


As a perfectionist in his craft, Gordon has used many different makes of guitar and equipment over the years.

He uses up to 6 different guitars on stage during a show, a pedal board to give him the delay effects, and a loop station to multitrack his electric guitar.

Gordon writes: "It has been my privilege to have owned many fine guitars over the years, expensive and otherwise, my Car Boot guitar used to perform Appalachian Dreaming is a prime example. Here is a list of instruments that I currently own, use on stage and in the studio".

FYLDE 1973 12 string.
FYLDE custom GG signature model, plus the updated maple and cedar version.
FYLDE custom model rosewood and cedar.
FYLDE custom Leonardo.
Graham Warren acoustic.
JHS Vintage Armstrong designed deluxe model.

JHS Vintage Jamie Giltrap model
Vintage Paul Brett Viator guitar.
Fret King GG signature Elise electric.

Yamaha LA8
Paul White Custom built "Strat"
Danelectro Back to Black electric.
Gibson J200 Pete Townshend model.
Joe Veillette Gryphon 12 string.
Roger Williams electro acoustic nylon string.
Car boot guitar!!!

I use Fishman Rare Earth blend pickups on the acoustics.
My one and only FX unit is a Line 6 HELIX.
Martin and Newtone Strings and G7th capos.
For electric guitar I find that Ernie Ball strings are consistently good.

For recording I use a Schoeps microphone with a Rob Aitchison designed H clamp.

JHS Vintage Guitars - Gordon Giltrap Signature range

Full information from the JHS Vintage Guitars website or HERE

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Stage guitar – Roger Williams

I feel very proud to have been instrumental in bringing this lovely Roger Williams cross over classical guitar to market. This was designed to appeal to steel string players wanting to make the transition over from steel to nylon strings. The low action and narrower neck help to achieve this.

Roger Williams Guitars,
Tel: 01543 262543

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This is my beautiful FYLDE new edition signature model with flame maple back and sides with cedar table and diamond cut inlays in the ebony fingerboard.

Fylde Guitars
Hartness Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9BD
Fylde Guitars
tel 01768 891515
fax 01768 868998

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Rob Armstrong

This is my Vintage Rob Armstrong designed deluxe signature model.

giltrap 1063

Fret King Trev Wilkinson

This is my Fret King Trev Wilkinson designed GG signature electric. This one is the latest edition of the signature model that had a piezo pickup in the bridge.

giltrap 1063

Paul Brett Viator

A Paul Brett Viator "travel guitar". Don't be fooled by the price and size of this lovely instrument. It sounds beautiful and I have recorded with this very this sweet little guitar.

giltrap 1063

Danelectro Back to Black electric.

I have always loved the sound of these guitars with the lipstick pickups and "functional" construction. This is a modern Danelectro but the pickups are said to be of an older vintage and certainly give the instrument a clarity and depth like no other. A favourite of many famous players. Jimmy Page for example.

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Car boot

Here is my legendary "car boot” hi-brid guitar, that shouldn't sound as good as it does.

giltrap 1063

Helix Effects pedal

My HELIX pedal is a God send. It does everything I need and more. An amazing piece of kit.

giltrap 1063
giltrap 1063

The ExplorAudio H-clamp allows almost any microphone to be attached to essentially any guitar.
Scroll down to file at bottom of this page for more info.

PO Box 4473, Wedmore, BS28 4WE
tel 01934 713763
fax 01934 713841

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G7th Capo Company

I have known Nick Campling the inventor of the G7th capo for more years than I care to remember. He created in my opinion (and many more) the finest guitar capo known to man. I have used mine for years and it has never let me down.

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Newtone Strings

Many of you will know of my long association with the British string makers Newtone Strings. On October 5th 2018 the company are launching a GG Signature set as part of their Heritage range. I was very privileged to help with the development and design of the Newtone range many years ago with its founder Malcolm Newton.

This will be a welcome return to the fold after quite a few years gap. The set is a specially designed low tension set for players like myself who haven't been blessed with strong fingers. I shall continue using Martin strings alongside Newtones because both have their individual merits and serve different purposes and are both excellent products.

Newtone Strings