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Mrs Singer's Waltz Video Shoot

Mrs Singers Waltz Video Shoot

Gordon's wonderful tune, Mrs Singer's Waltz has always deserved some special treatment so some time ago, Gordon's webmaster Sue set out to complete a challenge - to organise a video shoot bringing her vision of the piece to life.

The first thing needed was expert Ballroom dancers. Ian Sharpe and Victoria Lawrence, UK champion Amateur Ballroom and Latin American dancers were approached.

They agreed that the music would be perfectly suited for them to dance to and were delighted to be asked to take part.

Cameraman Ewan Hunter and Sue went to Gordon's to film him playing the tune, ready for the dancers to use.

A suitable hall with a sprung wooden floor was hired, and Ewan set up his equipment for the shoot, where Ian and Victoria danced to the recording of Gordon playing. A glamorous white dress for Victoria and Ian in black tie and tails were required for Sue's vision. Several versions were filmed and the best one selected.

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Next the two sets of footage were edited by Ewan, special effects added and then merged to create the finished video.

The video has now been made available to the public exclusively on YouTube and can be viewed at the following link Click here

All those concerned in putting this project together are delighted with the result, so please visit the YouTube page, rate the video and leave us a comment.

To find out more about Ian and Victoria you can visit their website Click here