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Announcement by Gordon Sept 2015

Painting by Roger Webley

Painting by Roger Webley

Hello Everyone.

I thought I should let friends and followers of my music know that on the 11th of June this year I was diagnosed with a rare cancer called a GIST, which stands for Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumour.

Fortunately for me it is not at this time life threatening and hopefully will be sorted by surgery either later this year or early next. After surgery I will require at least a three month recovery period.

This news has of course been life changing for Hilary and I, and I have just been put on a three to six month course of tablets to shrink the tumour to help make surgery less invasive. The tumour at the moment is basically the size of a small melon.

To that end I have decided, for the time being at least not to accept any more engagements for 2016. Fortunately I have been able to continue with the engagements already in the book, however to all intents and purposes I have (for now) retired from the live arena.

I’m going public with this not to elicit sympathy but to really let you know how things stand at the moment and why there are no bookings being arranged. As I mentioned earlier, fortunately what I have is not life threatening and I consider myself very fortunate indeed that it has been detected.

Because of the present situation, Hilary and I are taking things a week or so at a time, making it incredibly difficult to make any long term plans.

I hope you will understand that if you are moved to send a message (which of course will be gratefully received) I won’t be able to reply to everyone. You can leave any messages on my Forum page at on the Newsflash section - you will need to register if you have not already done so.

Please watch the website for further updates.

Be Well.