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August 2014 News Update

August 2014 News Update
Hi folks .

News time again.


By the time you read this we will have been in the studio laying down a vocal track for the new Heartsong. I shall report on this next month because believe me the whole process thus far has been a roller coaster of events and small disappointments. The main one being that the great Barbara Dickson had agreed to sing on it, only to find out that the key was far too high for her voice. I regard the great lady as one of THE great female vocalists.

Gigs of Note

Lake District

The tail end of last month saw us doing a private concert for our friend Peter Sorton in the Lake District. Whilst we were there we stayed with that guitar maker supreme Roger Bucknall and his charming wife Moira. It’s always good to be in the great man’s company. His friendship and indeed their friendship is very important and dear to us.

Swanland Festival

Swanland festival on July 11th was a cracker and Swanland itself is a lovely village.

My thanks to Garry Burnett for inviting me once again to perform at the festival. I got a standing ovation at the end. These are becoming quite a regular thing.

giltrap 4636

I shared the evening with the very gifted Carrie Martin. Carrie as you may know by now is a wonderful singer songwriter who I have sort of taken under my wing and thus far have had a small part in the production of her new album. Carrie has recorded my 1973 song the Passing of a Queen, and has also set to song ‘Wherever there was Beauty’. Carrie is also an endorsee of Vintage guitars and is the proud owner of two of their instruments. A GG 2000 acoustic, and my latest deluxe signature model which she is using to sparkling effect on her new album.

Carrie came to stay with us a few weeks back to record some demo vocals for Heartsong. She just loved our playhouse. She is just a big kid at heart, and long may it continue.

I forgot to mention that I have had my hair cut by none other than Carrie Martin, and above is the evidence. Gone are my long prog rock locks, but in all honesty I'm more than happy with it, and people have said that it makes me look younger....which can’t be bad! Thanks to Carrie for a fine trim!

Robin Hoods Bay

The following day we headed to Robin Hoods bay for a very low key gig at Ye Dolphin Inn. The small but appreciative crowd were great. Once again Carrie did the opening spot, with me jamming away on some of her excellent songs.

Hilary and I stayed over for a few days in the village as a sort of short holiday. The weather was a bit variable but Whitby fish and chips are always a treat whenever we are there.

Double Vision in the Channel Islands

Between the 22nd and the 25th Ray Burley and I spent a very pleasant few days travelling around the Channel Islands, playing Guernsey’s St James, Sark, Alderney and then  finally Jersey.

The highlight was Guernsey on the first night with a good and appreciative crowd. It was a bit of a breakthrough for me because I took just the one guitar, and managed to get through both sets chatting and telling jokes whilst tuning up!

If you have ever journeyed to Sark you will know of its outstanding charm and beauty, and of course the roads are just dirt roads with not a car to be seen only the odd tractor. Our concert at the Island hall was well received by a small but appreciative crowd.

Alderney of course has its own charm, and the short 15 minute flight was bearable. Our lovely host was Bridget Postlethwaite ....hope that's the correct spelling. Bridget recently lost her husband and her courage in spite of her loss was an inspiration. When we found out that she is from the same city as my beloved Hilary, there was no stopping me telling her all about it and for them to have a long chat with each other was a great thing to share. I just love shared history!....when it's good that is!

Our final gig in Jersey was most enjoyable and much fun. The audience (small but appreciative again) were very receptive to my devil may care humour on the night.

This had been my second visit within about a year to the Islands, the last time being with young master Wakeman. My thoughts are that next time it would be great to do it with Raymond again but just do the St James venue because you are pretty much guaranteed to get a reasonable size crowd. But we shall see eh folks!
giltrap 4636

It's always good making music with Ray who is more than happy for me to do all the chat and provide the humour whilst he injects witty musical interludes in between. We next play together on August the 2nd. I look forward to it.

Radio 4

On the 27th I was on BBC Radio 4 as a guest of John Shuttleworth, with his special brand of observational humour. It was short and sweet but most people found it vaguely amusing I’m sure .Graham Fellows is a nice guy.

There are still a couple of days left to listen online HERE

Vintage certificate

For all of you who are interested in getting a GG signature deluxe, here is the spiffing certificate of ownership that comes with each instrument .Cool or what?

giltrap 4636

Guitar of the Month

The guitar of the month is an odd ball really because it's just a wall hanger, and gave Hilary a bit of practice for her decoupage talents quite a few years ago. The guitar is a nonstarter as a playable instrument, and is really just a bit of fun!

It was originally given as a gift to old friends Steve and Jan who ran a B&B down in Plymouth but on moving said we should have it back. Sadly Jan is no longer with us. I just noticed the date as being July 2002 almost exactly 12 years ago. Weird or what?


There is a great review by Trevor Raggatt in R2 Magazine of the Ravens and Lullabies concert at Farncombe in April, and an online review of the remastered Peacock Party by G.W Hill.

Read these by clicking the PDF links below.

See you next month God willing.