Giltrap on Guitar - Tutorial Video

cover of Giltrap on Guitar - Tutorial Video

released 2000

This highly popular and extremely useful tuitional video will be re-issued in 2007 on DVD.

Using close up camera work and split screen techniques, Gordon Giltrap demonstrates some of the playing techniques that have given him his own distinctive style. Techniques are shown in slowly and in detail, building to full speed.

Subjects covered include:

Tuning Up
Setting Up
Techniques: Left hand - hammer on / pull offs. Right hand - pick and little finger
Tunings: Open tunings. Open G
High Stringing
Other guitars: 12 String and Armstrong "baby" guitar
Effects and Processes: Digital Delay

The following pieces are used to demonstrate the techniques discussed:

Country Bluff
Mariners Tale
Sallies Song
Ecchoing Green
Magpie Rag

Running time approx. 57minutes
VHS Format with small tab booklet.