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December 2011 News Update

Bert Jansch in 2006
The funeral of Bert Jansch

What a wonderful turnout for the great man, and on top of that the sun shone! Needless to say a sad day but a wonderful one in many ways. People’s memories of Bert were very touching, and Danny Thompson’s few words brought a smile to our faces and were much needed.

Dear Loren looked frail, but my God what courage this woman has. She was determined to make this SUCH a special send-off.

Many a tear was shed, and when they played, Strolling Down the Highway at the memorial gathering after the funeral, it just did it for me. I caught Martin Carthy’s eye and I know we both felt the same. So much history, so many memories which I know will remain. I was sat next to Adam, Bert’s son. After they played the wonderful Chambertin, he turned to me and said: “I would have never dreamed that I would be sat next to you whilst they played Chambertin”. I was much moved!

With his passing the legend will just grow and grow, and his grave will become a kind of shrine for thousands of music lovers and guitarists around the world.

People present on the day reads like a who’s who of the acoustic scene in this country. Martin Carthy, John James (thanks for being there John) Terry Cox, Danny Thompson, Jacquie McShee, Gerry Conway, Bernard Butler, Steve Ashley, Johnny Marr, Mike Piggott, Derek Brimstone, Dave Swarbrick, Roy Harper, Pete Stanley, Ann Briggs, Lee Nicholson, Maggie Boyle. Sadly John Renbourn was away working as was Ralph McTell, but his wife Nanna was there to represent him, as was Bill Leader’s daughter Annie and Bill’s son Tom. I also believe that John Renbourn’s first wife Judy was present along with Bert’s first wife Heather, also Charlotte, Adam’s mother, and Ralph McTell’s brother Bruce May.

As I type this I’m still coming to terms with his passing as I’m sure all who knew and loved him are. His music and his presence meant more to me than anything. I instinctively knew that I was in the presence of a genius, and for that I feel very privileged.

The world will never see the likes of him again. He was a complete one off. I will miss him, and I guess each time I pick up that hollow box with six strings he won’t be far from my thoughts.

Our thoughts now turn to dear Loren. If I was a praying man I would pray for her speedy return to good health. All I or anyone else can do is hope and be as supportive as possible. Our love and thoughts go out to her family and to this remarkably brave woman who devoted her life to the love of her life.

I am fortunate enough to be blessed with a similar partner in my lovely Hilary who like Loren has devoted the past 25 years of her life to me and my chosen art through good times and tough times and I know against all the odds will continue to do so.

How blessed men like us are, as Bert was, to have a soul mate like that.

Be well dear Loren.

Update 1st Dec 2011


The Music Industries Association is delighted to announce the results of the MIA Music Awards 2011.

Winner of the The Guitar Techniques Acoustic Guitar of the Year category is the Vintage VE2000GG Gordon Giltrap signature Guitar by John Hornby Skewes & Co.Ltd.

The awards have become a major celebration for the whole industry, honouring the best selling and most reliable and innovative products and retail initiatives in the UK and celebrating the top individuals and organisations within the musical instrument industry.

In what has been a challenging year for the industry the MIA Music Awards provide a much needed opportunity to acknowledge the professionals and organisations who continue to drive forward creativity and innovation.

The awards ceremony, supported by media partners Classic FM, Future Publishing and MIPro took place at London's prestigious Marriott Grosvenor Square Hotel on Wednesday 30 November 2011.

The awards featured 25 categories in total celebrating and rewarding success in every sector of our industry.

Thanks to everyone for your support of this wonderful guitar.

There will be a full review of the event in the January News page.

giltrap 3003
Paul White producers manual

My good friend Paul White has just had his latest book published entitled The Producer's Manual, and what a book it is!

Written with a lifetime's worth of experience in the recording industry, this book contains everything anyone wishing to venture into the world of recording will ever need! There are chapters on the history of recording, recording vocals, acoustic guitar, drums and many many more.

This book would make a stunning Christmas present for all you recording included!

Below is the info on where you can get this amazing book written by a man I'm proud to call my friend, and someone who I have worked alongside on all of my CD releases over many years.

You can find out more information and the book is available direct from the Sample Magic website Sample Magic or via Amazon, Digital Village  and Time and Space

giltrap 3003


So there I was at Beech Village Hall doing my sound check when my host, also called Gordon was sitting in the front row wearing would you believe... A Gordon Giltrap mask!  Yes, you read correctly, a Gordon Giltrap mask! It was really scary and VERY bizarre looking up to see my image in mask form.

Apparently a company called Mask-arade wanted my image in their Hall of Fame! (You can see the covering letter by clicking the icon at bottom of page) You really know you have arrived when folk start making a mask out of your image!

Anyway it was great fun and I duly signed the mask and sent it back to them. My host Gordon who is 80 years old begged be to let him keep the spare one....signed of course!

Merseyside Guitar Show Sunday November 20th

The venue was the world famous Aintree Racecourse, and of course the home of the Grand National.

I just love shows of this nature that give dealers far and near the chance to display their wares and for folk to get a bargain! I was there under the banner of JHS and to wave the flag for my Vintage GG acoustic.

Hilary and I travelled up the night before to be there when the doors opened at 10-am. The admission price was £6, a bargain in my book. By 10-30 the place was heaving and trade appeared to be pretty brisk. My good friend Gavin Coulson was on before me demonstrating Bass guitars and electric guitars from the Vintage and Black label range. My spot was 1-30pm and a pretty sizeable and enthusiastic crowd were gathered and much fun ensued. I was very favourably received, so much so that a lady insisted on kissing me as I left the stage, and many punters wanted their picture taken with me. I of course always feel very flattered and star like when this happens and am more than happy to oblige. I even came away with a little guitar bargain of my own, as if I need more guitars!

Here’s to more shows like this. I love em!

Roger Williams Guitar
giltrap 3003

This wonderful little guitar is modelled on my now famous Car Boot guitar! Built in 2009 for my 60th birthday, this lovely instrument is set up specifically to play Rain the Doorway and Appalachian Dreaming, but sounds wonderful when strung normally. I recorded Ladies of Lichfield on this very instrument, which is quite fitting really as it was made in Lichfield! At the moment it is high strung and has a facility whereby you can set the first string behind a small screw on capo at various points along the neck. I have yet to experiment more with this facility, buy my guess is that the options are endless. So much to little time!

The label inside reads:

Roger Williams has built me two instruments over the years and this one is in constant use right now for the two aforementioned pieces. You can see that first guitar he made me in action on the Double Vision DVD.

Roger is mainly a builder of fine classical guitars. He is a superb craftsman and has worked on more of my guitars than I care to remember. He is also a very nice guy with a ready smile who is always pleased to hear from me, and likes nothing more (when time allows) to sit and drink coffee and chat about all things guitar related.

Anyone caring to have a guitar made by this gentleman maker can contact him on 01543 262543.


His website is

The Tunnels Bristol 3rd Nov 2011

We have some great pictures from this event thanks to Andy Smy which you can view in the Gallery

Huntingdon Hall 18th Nov 2011

Regular GG audience member Keith Meredith was in attendance on the 18th and submitted a great review of the evening to the discussion Forum which in case you missed it, is now also available for you to read in the Fan Reviews section.