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August 2007 News Update

August 2007 News Update
3rd August

The Own One of Gordon's Guitars page has been updated with info on lots more instruments for sale. If you always wanted to own a piece of GG history, here is the perfect opportunity !

To find out about them Click here

3rd August
Strings and things.

For many years, in fact for the best part of twenty years, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Malcolm Newton of Newtone strings to help develop a superior string. This involvement resulted in the string we know today as the Newtone Masterclass string. Between us we came up with the idea of winding a string onto a round core as opposed to the standard hexagonal core. Malcolm found a way of securing the outer wrapping and the end result was good.

All these years on Malc's company has gone from strength to strength, and I have personally been responsible for spreading the word far and wide to many high profile players, and today the likes of Joe Brown, Ralph McTell, Hank Marvin and many more are now Newtone users.

Recently because of Malcolm's personal circumstances, and because of the sheer number of sets I need per year, I felt it was time to take the pressure off the dear man, and start to look for an alternative string. This was no easy task I can assure you, and I did for a time use Rotosound strings along with my normal Newtone sets. Quite frankly the Rotosound sets for whatever reason didn't suit me, so the company and I amicably parted.

It was then that my dear pal Neil Cope suggested I try the Martin SP range of string. This I did, and low and behold they suited me perfectly and are a great sounding string. They are different to the Newtone's but equal in their own way. They give me the sound I need and have a long string life.

This change came about approximately a year ago and I have since then been using them exclusively on all my guitars. This has I'm delighted to report, lead on to an exclusive world wide deal with Martin Strings. You may have read on the news pages of the website recently that when I restring a guitar I put the old set back in packet, I sign them and we give them away at concerts in return for a small donation to a school charity we have adopted. Prior to this I was just giving them away to folk as souvenirs, but then Hilary came up with this idea of a small donation to the aforementioned charity.

Needless to say I get through many sets per year, and this is a great way of recycling these old strings of mine, and at the same time telling folk what strings I use. I'm thrilled, delighted and proud to be linked with the Martin name, and am the owner of two stunning Martin guitars; A Lonnie Donegan signature model, and most recently a Martin M3M George Martin signature guitar. Both are outstanding instruments.

The Martin Logo is now taking pride of place on my Tools of the Trade page. Check them out,they are great strings!

1st August

Eve Bell, a Gordon fan in Scotland, recently heard Steve Wright bemoaning the fact that modern guitarists don't play properly. His programme is obviously in need of some real HIGH CLASS acoustic guitar music played by a master, so she suggested they contact Gordon.

If any of you out there would like to add some weight to the fledgling "Lets get some great guitar music on the Radio" campaign, please send an email to Steve Wright using the form here.

As webmaster, I've already done so and suggested that they might like to play some of Gordon's music and possibly interview Gordon on the subject.... it will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens !