It's a funny /busy old world!

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Russ Gannicott
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It's a funny /busy old world!

Postby Russ Gannicott » Thu Jul 12, 2007 11:41 pm

It's all been a bit busy recently.....the highlight of which has been setting up a new record label and recording and producing my son's first single. Like me, he's not a singer, but has brought in a rather talented 14 year-old to do vocal duties. Ash has done all the guitar parts, bass lines and Cubase drum programming....for which I am rather proud, as he's only 12 years old and already has a better understanding of power chord dynamics than I will ever have!
As a result of this ( and a rather good end of year report which suggested he could go for his music GCSE a couple years early!) We agreed to up-grade his electric guitar.
His choice has amazed me, as he's gone for the full-on retro thing and chosen a rather stunning replica Gibson Firebird! Now, this is the whole point of this post....not some sycaphantic parent's ramblings.. but a recommendation!
This Firebird is stunnning, and a remarkable copy of the original - OK, it has a bolt in neck, but it plays and feels like a Les Paul - even better than a decent Epiphone, and it sounds amazing via the two 'mini' chrome Humbuckers, which are more authentic than the pick-ups fitted to the two grand current Gibson re-issue! A cousin of mine has a CH Ibenez Steve VAi Jem copy and he swears it's damn close to his £1700 original - Gordon knows the player in question and I'm sure he will agree that if Darren thinks that way, it must be good.
So, the morale of this tale is, that if you see some CH guitars knocking around the internet for a quite a bit less than 200 quid, grab 'em, they'e brilliant!
ps...I have no involvement with the afore mentioned company!

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Postby GORDON » Sun Jul 15, 2007 11:49 am

Hi Russ.

That guitar sounds like a cracker for the money, well done mate, and 'well done' to Ashley. There's now't wrong in being proud parents. WE know the obsticles that Ash has had to overcome with his hearing, so it's a double proud pat on the back methinks. :D

Be Well guys.


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