Dominic Miller and band

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Dominic Miller and band

Postby piotrwargan » Mon May 26, 2014 7:48 am

A new music club "Old Monastery" was opened in my hometown and when we told our friends - big fans of Sting - that Dominic Miller is coming to play we instantly had company for what turned out to be an evening of really good fun. The Old Monastery is a two storey club. On the ground floor there is a bar (with good beer) and a small stage, and on the first floor there is a venue named Gothic Hall (accommodating ca. 250 people). Dominic Miller and Tony Remy (with a fantastic rhythm section) played for over two hours constantly increasing the energy level of their music. For most of the show the two guitarists were sitting down and stood up only to play some of the most powerful numbers. They played in various guitar “configurations” – both played acoustic guitars, one played electric and the other acoustic, and finally both played electric ones. It would have been an entirely instrumental gig, but there was an extra part in the middle: to a great applause of the audience there was a guest appearance of a Polish singer Anna Maria Jopek, who joined the band to sing two songs from Sting's repertoire. A fantastic night it was, and there was something really funny about the T-shirt of Tony Remy. It was a T-shirt with a wild-boar and an inscription "Io vivo in Toscana" – maybe he bought it when visiting Sting in Tuscany ;-). It happens that I have an identical one (bought in Tuscany, no Sting connection :-). I was not wearing mine, as I have a special T-shirt for gigs (you may guess which one ;-)). But, the son of our friends did wear his wild boar T-shirt, so after the gig he came up to Tony to have photo together...

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