Tascam US 144 -USB audio interface

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Tascam US 144 -USB audio interface

Postby john kelly » Thu Jul 26, 2007 9:22 pm

Hi Gordon and forum collective,
I'd like to share my experience of buying a new laptop to accomodate the above audio interface, The tascam US 144 is a great piece of kit for home recording and I have had it for some 6 months now. I got great advice from Sue et al on beginning to record acoustic guitar and advice on what mic's to buy etc. All this has been a great learning curve. I am still at the beginning though am improving! However, I had a great idea to buy a laptop to record on the move, as the set up in principle is brilliant, the portabillity of the US 144 combined with the laptop.
Well that was the idea. I bought a spanking new Dell inspiron top of the range that has great processor dual core, 120 GB hardrive 1020mb sdrram, makes the tea, etc, etc, etc which i can use for work also. So got out the US 144 and hey presto New Vista OS cannot run US 144 software!!! I am totally @#8**% off. Tascam inform that working on new driver for unit and will be ready in next few months, but they have been saying that since March. their advice is to run it on XP -well thats just great as i would need to scrub Vista , purchase XP and re-install etc. So just to warn forum the US 144 is great kit for the money but if you want to run on Vista -it wont! So I am still using on home PC where it does a brilliant job on XP. But i did so much want to record a live session with my friends recently and Couldn't :x

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