"Aging" an acoustic guitar?

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"Aging" an acoustic guitar?

Postby RadioElectric » Sun Jul 01, 2007 11:05 pm

I bought an all-solid Guild acoustic in London on Friday. It looks the same as this one http://pics.lgmguitars.com/pics/guild/white%20guild%20front.jpg.

Anyway, I was recommended by somebody to stick it in front of a loudspeaker as the wood is supposed to "open up" over time due to the vibrations and this is supposed to be a "shortcut".

Noticing that placing the guitar in front of the speaker is a waste of energy, and taking inspiration from this article...


I was reminded of a gadget I've considered buying a few times...


It converts any solid object into a speaker by vibrating it at the frequencies of the music. I am now considering buying one of those devices and sticking it on the pickguard of my guitar, and then playing music through it and seeing what happens (I assume it couldn't damage it).

I have since read, however, that some people think guitars open up in different ways depending on what music is played on them, for example a guitar that's used for fingerstyle all it's life will sound better at fingerstyle but worse at strumming than one that had been used for that. Does anybody have any experience of this? In this case I would have to be careful which music I used, anybody want to suggest a playlist for me to play to the guitar :P[/i]

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Postby GORDON » Thu Jul 05, 2007 9:00 am

Hi there.

I have often been intrigued by this idea of aging an acoustic by putting various frequencies through it via a speaker,but in all honesty I guess the best way is to play it to death with as many tunes as you know... :)

Lots of opening tunings may help, also try putting a heavier guage string on for a while, that should open the beast up, the only problem with that of course is that it will put extra tension on the truss rod, but I guarantee that when you go back to a lower guage the sound will have opened up a little.

It looks a nice guitar. I love Guilds and was recently given as a gift a 1963 small bodied F20.These smaller guitars have a great sound. I had an F 20 years ago and always regretted selling it. The current one needs a neck re-set, which can be a fault with early Guilds for some reason. The neck bends forward where it meets the body, and the only cure it to remove the neck and re-set it at the correct angle. I'm having similar work done to an old Harmony 12 string recently acquired.

Enjoy your guitar sir.

Warm Regards.


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Postby leesguitar » Thu Jul 05, 2007 7:58 pm

Hi guys , so if i stand my K Yari next to my stereo and play one of Gordons albums on repeat for several days , then start playing , will i sound like him !!!! only joking , several acoustic forums have also mentioned this , personally i take yourview , just play long and hard, and enjoy yourself Lee :D

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