Play It Again: Bill Oddie grapples with the electric guitar

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Play It Again: Bill Oddie grapples with the electric guitar

Postby Roger » Mon May 07, 2007 11:12 pm

Just wondering if anyone watched this program tonight on BBC1. I found it really interesting, particularly when Mr Oddie "sacked" his teacher, Bridget Mermikides!


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Postby Mlower » Tue May 08, 2007 9:57 am

As a beginner myself, I have some sympathy with him! I enjoyed the scene where Bill was asking the peerless Albert Lee how he started, and received the reply " Well I just played along with the records!"

Trevor Raggatt
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Postby Trevor Raggatt » Tue May 08, 2007 5:51 pm

Yes, it was an interesting show. I did feel sorry for the teacher Bridget. You can see Bill's point in a way but then again, when Albert, Mark et al were "learning their own way without lessons" that was when they were seriously guitar obsessed teenagers doing it over a period of several years who also just happened to be posessed of humungous amounts of innate guitar talent. As opposed to a bit of a curmudgeonly ol' 50-something trying to do the same process just over a couple of months squeezing it all in between other stuff!!! :wink: Credit to him tho' - he didn't do that bad a job!

As an aside, the recording on the programme didn't do justice to Rosie's band, The Odd Squad. I was invited to a showcase they did a couple of weeks ago to celebrate the release of Rosie's first single and its inclusion on a prestigeous compilation album...
In her own words at

They're a really funky and kicking band live and the song, "Peaches and Cream", is an experience to behold live!!! Oddie Sr was there of course, in proud Dad mode but wasn't tempted onto the stage this time!

John Adams
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Postby John Adams » Tue May 08, 2007 7:13 pm

I share Bill’s frustration in “having to learn the basics first” but can’t help thinking that he threw away a golden opportunity of “one to one tuition” by a very talented player!!! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the programme and enjoyed listening to Bridget playing solo. Anyone who has found time to look at Bridget’s web site will see a photograph of her with Tristan Seume – who wouldn't love to see Bridget, Gordon and Tristan on stage together? I wonder what they would do to Dodo's Dream?

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Postby Roger » Tue May 08, 2007 11:11 pm

Personally I thought he was a pain in the .....! I'm sure that his ego came into it to a certain extent and like so many people in life he's a great talker,but doesn't want to or can't listen. As my Partner Em said, most blokes would love to have some lessons from a talented guitarist and good teacher, particularly one as pretty as Bridget!! :wink: Add to that the promotion of Odd Squad and it was all a bit disappointing in the end. Having said that, one thing the program did make me think about was having lessons or attending a workshop. Has anyone have any advice about what to expect, costs etc. The ideal teacher would be an attractive female like Bridget who could teach me to play like GG, David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera roled into one! :D

Roger :wink:

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Postby GORDON » Thu May 10, 2007 3:46 pm

Hi all.

Whilst staying with our dear pals the Hudds prior to doing my show with Rick, I made a point of watching the programme, and in all honesty I also felt sorry for Bridgett who was basically trying to teach somebody like Bill who admitted to the viewers that he was unteachable!

This is I guess is a prime example of a person who has been incredibly focused in certain directions for much of his life, but obviuosly not in the direction of playing an instrument, and I couldn't but help agree with Trevor about the great players like Albert and Mark, who like myself have developed their craft over a lifetime, and not just over a few months.

I'm sure that if Bill really had wanted to play the guitar he would have done so years ago.He certainly has a feel for music and I'm sure that now he has started,it will hopefully give him years of pleasure just playing for himself.

Getting back to poor Bridgett, she is a great player and was given an impossible task. At the end of the day all we try to do is inspire our fellow guitar playing travellers no matter what level their playing is .Long may our chosen instrument bring us joy, peace, and a degree of healing power along the way.

Warm Regards to you all.


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Postby Roger » Thu May 10, 2007 11:17 pm


As always well said sir!

I'd never come across Bridgett before, so it was nice to learn about another highly talented guitarist who plays both acoustic and electric guitar (can't think who the other one is :wink: ).

Best wishes,

Roger (&Em)

Ps Much as we'd love to, we can't make Andover due to my work hours :cry:

Colin F
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Postby Colin F » Sat May 26, 2007 11:14 am

I not only watched the programme, but I even managed ( just excuse me while I slip into 'Smug' mode 8) ) to set the DVD recorder to record it......and all by myself Without the aid of a 12 year old and Not get 3 hours of snooker (or the test card!) for a change :oops:
Tell you what, I'd give up both arms to have a great teacher as good as Bridget Mermikides! (wonder how much she charges,,Hmm) I did feel sorry for Bill, he was under the Gun for time really and so felt the pressure to learn too much in a short space of time and must have thought "I'm not going to be ready in time at this pace" and so he looked for short cuts, had he been learning at his own pace with no time targets I'm sure he would have kept Bridget on board. Tell you what though, Bill had some cracking gear didn't he ???
I actually learnt a few things myself from that programme (such as 'Knocking on Heavens door' and a few other little bits Bridget Mermikides was showing him.At least Bill did eventually get up and play with his daughters band, which must have been great for him! Well done Bill !

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