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Postby AndrewD » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:31 pm

Well, I played Dodo to the point it was working fairly well and managed to lay down a passable version on my laptop using Cubase and recording multi-track. But then the desire to play it in 8 minutes rather than half a day took over and yes I confess: I bought a loop station. That was it - no excuse now! It arrived last week and it didn't take too long to get the 'live' version to a vaugely reasonable standard. Anyway I have posted an early attempt (done today) on YouTube. It can be found at (doesn't work from here :? need to paste into separate browser window). Not in the same league as yours, Gordon, but I had fun doing it. I actually recorded the sound independently of the video to get better quality sound. I ran the Epiphone Les Paul through a Zoom 4040 Multi-effects unit (a noisy heap, but it will do for now), into the RC-20XL and directly into a Marshall Valvestate amp. While I videod the take I mic'd the amp using a Rode NT1000 condenser through an E-MU 0404 unit that allows me to record directly into the laptop using Cubase LE via a USB cable. I then synchronised the audio with the video and muted the video's built in audio before mixing down to the final video (all done on Windows Movie Maker).

I am working on a few other GG pieces too. As I am mainly a classical player these days I bought a copy of Ray Burley's GG transcriptions. I am working on "The Lord's Seat" but have also started to play around with "Revelation" from "Gordon Giltrap: A Special Collection". I have found that works quite well with conventional tuning. I am also starting "Heartsong" (gulp) trying to get the incredibly complex strumming pattern into my fuzzy brain cells... :?

Looking forward to seeing you again in Rosslyn Chapel Mr G. A bit different to The CatStrand!
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Postby GORDON » Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:33 pm

Hi Andrew.

WELL DONE THAT MAN. Saw the YOUTUBE clip and I think you have done a great job, it can only get better with time. All the sounds were there and your playing is very clean and you have reproduced this old tune of mine faithfully, I congratulate you, I'm also delighted that you are tackling other more conventional GG material.

See you in Scotland sir.

Best of Regards.


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Postby Bob Wilson » Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:27 pm

Hi Andrew
Nice one. Nice YouTube clip, thanks for the posting. Good to hear these versions of Dodo. I completely understand why you had to get the loop station :lol: its such a great pedal. (Check out the slicer). And you are going to enjoy learning 'Heartsong' too. The longer version still keeps me on my toes. The only problem is deciding which Giltrap piece to learn next :wink:
Have a great time at Rosslin (I so envious) it looks like being a great, atmospheric concert
Best wishes

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