Milngavie gig 1st November 2008

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john kelly
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Milngavie gig 1st November 2008

Postby john kelly » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:05 pm

I've missed your website for a few months now due to various reasons , however, I am back online and just wanted to drop a few lines.
I am Glad your heading to Scotlandshire for a few gigs in Oct and Nov, as I will definetly at least go to the Milngavie one having enjoyed your last appearance there and I really enjoyed speaking with you at the break at the Fraser Centre gig. (what do you mean you dont recall meeting me !!-oh well)

Since last posts I have bought a lovely new Gibson reissue 335 dot , Cherry of course, and got it a very reasonable price £1200 from local Glasgow dealer Guitar Guitar. As with all new Guitar purchases I was offered a 'free set up' and given the opportunity to come back in six weeks or so for this . However, I have been taking my guitars (Martin d28, Simon Patrick etc ) to a local luthier 'William. C. Kelday', based in nearby Fintry and he does this work to a very high standard and also has made a minor repair to the Martin previously. Bill as he is known makes his own guitars, from classical formats through to Baritone jobs and offers most sizes in between. His workshop is in a picturesque location about 12 miles from Milngavie and within the workshop has guitars at various stages of completion. I find it a marvellous experience each time I visit to have my 'mass produced' guitars tweaked etc and Bill takes time out to do this and he is a gentleman of first rating. The point I am making is that if you have a spare hour or so when up at the Milngavie gig, check out Bill Kelday and visit his workshop. He also has his business online and you can do a virtual tour of his place online and also listen to his guitars on this website www,

I am not a promoting this guy or anything but feel that local talent and craftmanship should be encouraged. Oh and by the way my New Gibson 335 has been set up nicely although needed quite a bit of tweaking, but it is feeling very good to play now and I have no excuses or anything to blame except my lack of talent. Twenty years from now I will hopefully have a real grasp of this instrument!! I'll be 67 and will be playing for 55 years though!!!

John Kelly

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Postby GORDON » Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:04 am

Hi John.

Many thanks for that VERY in depth posting! It's always great when folk take the time out to reply but to also impart their knowledge of all things guitar related. Now then , I'm certain I have heard of Bill. If time allows I would love to visit Bill's workshop, and like your good self just LOVE all things related to guitars, I'm indeed a sad anorak in that area.

Glad your new Gibbo is working out, you are indeed a man of taste, I just love guitars that have air in them!

Be Well sir and I look forward to seeing you in Scotland.

Best of Regards.


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