Gordon's August notes comment on Fylde

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Gordon's August notes comment on Fylde

Postby sultan4swing » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:29 pm

Gordon, Interested in your comment re the Fylde, 'which still played well after 5 years'...... Please correct me but the comment gave the impression that it was almost a surprise that this should be so ??? Surprised me because a guitarist of your stature particularly, and anyone else who has long guitar playing experience, knows that any quality guitar ie made with quality and solid top not laminate wood, plays better and sounds better with age. So you would expect the Fylde to sound amazing anyway... Not fortunate enough to afford an intrument of that quality, nevertheless I can attest to the fact that even a lower budget solid top accoustic sounds wonderful the longer and more often it's played. I bought my only ever decent accoustic guitar in 1978.... the first Yamaha solid top accoustic - CJ838S - jumbo modelled on the Gibson J20 (?). It has been played/gigged for some 40 years, and as many websites and guitar shops attest, it does not rank up with the likes of top notch Gibson or the custom built UK makers like Fylde, but is a sought after vintage guitar.... When I was a financially struggling young civil servant, it cost me GBP225 in 1978, then a lot of money, but now if you want one you would have to fork out as much as GBP1200-1800 so for an annual cost of £5 pa, it has also been unintentionally a good investment at approx 10pc pa return on my 'investment'... Shame it plays much better than its owner... ???!!?? Best wishes

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