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Pickup options for a Fylde Leonardo

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:42 pm
by Squirrel77
Finally getting around to posting on here after joining ages ago.

Roger Bucknall from Fyde guitars shared the following video last year of Gordon at Rosslyn chapel playing a Leonardo. ... bA&index=5

That was the final thing I needed to convince me to buy one for myself, Roger tells me he's about to start working on it if he hasn't already! In the video looks like Roger is playing with a soundhole pickup , possibly a mimesis blend?
I've been thinking of having the LR Baggs anthem installed. Does anyone have experience with either in a Fylde Leonardo or similar? Perhaps the bracing means the SL version has to be installed instead?
Anything I should bare in mind one over the other? Be interesting to see what Gordon himself has to say on this.
Cheers everyone, great job with the community!