HEARTSONG Sharing Day announced

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HEARTSONG Sharing Day announced

Postby Sue » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:38 am

Gordon writes:

On Saturday 30th of June I am hosting another of my "SHARING DAYS" at the usual venue in Mere Green Sutton Coldfield.

I'm delighted to welcome old friends and new to what hopefully will be a fun and informative day sharing my thoughts with you.

I'm calling it my “HEARTSONG day" because that is my chosen piece for the event. All those pickers out there that know of this old chestnut of mine and would like to find out the inner workings of the piece, the big chordal sections, the open G tuning, the capo at fret 2 placement and all the "widdly diddly" bits in between then do come and join us.

It is going to be rather special because good friend and brilliant guitarist Nicholas Hooper will my guest. Nick is a fine player and was the man responsible for scoring the music for 2 HARRY POTTER films, so to have an award winning film composer and outstanding guitarist joining us is indeed a privilege.

So, if you want to meet and delve inside the mind of a film composer then this is an opportunity not to be missed. My hope is that everyone will go away armed with ideas they can work on.
Tab for the chosen piece – Heartsong, will be emailed to you well in advance.

During the remainder of the day I shall be on hand to ask any questions about technique, equipment, composition, performance, you name it!

Please do feel free to bring any recording facility or filming, (usually via phones these days) so you can get up close to what I'm doing and things can be recorded SLOWLY so there will be no doubt as to what is happening on the fingerboard.

You will of course need your guitar(s) and a music stand may be useful if you have one but not essential.

Contact Sue Holton to secure a place. ggiltrap+sharingday@gmail.com
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