Preamp for Headway pickup

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Preamp for Headway pickup

Postby steelystan » Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:56 pm


I'm preparing for work in an acoustic duo and need some skinny on preamps for my guitars.

I'll be using a GG 12 string which has the nice Fishman blender preamp, and my "plastic" Martin (one of the modern laminate models - brilliant amplified, no tuning or feedback issues) and again has a Fishman preamp; so I'll try those straight into the PA. But I'm also planning to use my 2007 Kinkade dreadnought which has a luthier fitted Headway pickup. This has no volume or EQ on the instrument so I need an outboard preamp for EQ and level. I've tried it straight into the PA and it's great but I can't keep leaping up and running to the PA for any adjustments, so I want some control next to me. I have no plan to cut big holes in Johnny Kinkade's work so an outboard is necessary.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I suppose the obvious thing is get the Headway preamp box but I wonder if there are alternatives I should consider.


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