Gordy guitars double neck bass and start with synth

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danny h497
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Gordy guitars double neck bass and start with synth

Postby danny h497 » Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:06 am

Hi New to the forum. I have a Gordy custom double neck guitar. It's a fender style bass on top of a stray style. Dark mahogany with gold hardware. Also has a synth like pick up with a bank of knobs. There is a weird sort of scart socket too. An old friend swapped it too me here in Strathaven. He tells me he swapped it many years ago from Gordon.
I was wondering if this may be the case and if so I,d love to know the history of the guitar, why is was made Tec.
I can't find any history at all and Giddy guitars have no contacts anymore
It's an extremely heavy beast and came with a custom made flight case.
I'd also love to know how to make use of the synth pick up.
Would upload pics but have no idea how to.

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Re: Gordy guitars double neck bass and start with synth

Postby Sue » Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:48 am

Hi Danny,

welcome to the Forum.

Easiest way is to use Photobucket or Google Photos etc where you can get a unique URL for a single image and then use the IMG tags to insert the photo.

Please make sure you reduce the photo size first though.

There are a couple of threads about images on the BOARD HELP section.


Hope this helps,

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