Sound balancing at concerts - a personal bug-bear

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Sound balancing at concerts - a personal bug-bear

Postby sultan4swing » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:38 pm

Interested to know if this is an issue to other contributors.... Several times recently I 've paid good money to hear good bands, and it's been spoiled by so-called 'professional' sound engineers. It seems that these guys only interpret dials/sliders on their consul to produce the balance and don't seem to have a musical ear which is the best measure of what balanced sound is like.... We have a number of great musical venues in Norwich , but however great the bands are, I don;t want my hearing to be damaged ... it's precious to me. It seems I have as a life-long performing singer/accoustic guitarist , a far better ear for a balanced PA system than the technicians... At the last gig I went to at the Epic Studios Norwich - a terrific Dire Straits tribute - it was so loud that I moved to the back of the hall - you could not distinguish individual instruments or vocals, the drums and bass overrode everything else, and even leaving early, outside the building, my ears were in pain.... My complaints were met with - 'well no-one else complained'.... I can only assume that as most of the audience were in their 60's +, that they already had impaired hearing....??!!?? Would I pay GBP15-20 to risk a similar situation at this venue again.... what do you think...... ???!!!?? Anyone else experienced a similar situation recently ???

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