The Broadway, Peterborough. 6 / 1 / 2018

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The Broadway, Peterborough. 6 / 1 / 2018

Postby keithmeredith » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:30 pm

Situated on the northern edge of downtown Peterborough there lies a building that conjures reminiscences of my younger days. The Broadway theatre was formerly a single screen cinema of the Odeon group, and the original deco style exterior invokes memories of the ‘tanner rush’ held every Saturday morning - for an old sixpence (a tanner) kids were treated to some cartoons, a serial (always leaving the hero in a fix), a “B” feature (usually an old black and white western) and a main feature.
Now a theatre, the bright and airy interior retains many features from its 1930’s cinematic heritage.

When we arrived at the allotted time all appeared dark and unoccupied – until we realized that our objective was the modern annex alongside. The function room – complete with bar – was laid out cabaret style and appropriately featured a classic guitar collection displayed along one wall.

There were some ‘technical issues’ with the house equipment - including occasional feedback from the PA and an intrusive overhead air conditioner - which both Carrie and Gordon overcame in professional manner to present a polished and sophisticated performance.

Unannounced, the charming Carrie took to the stage and in her own appealing manner proceeded to entertain with self-penned compositions from her recent album - Seductive Sky. Included were: Purple Heart, Maria in the Moon, Dancing Dragonfly, and High on a Hill. Her songs are both perceptive and insightful and are enchantingly presented; she demonstrates a passion in her lyrics and no mean skill with her instrument.

Gordon’s arrival on the platform signaled that the evening was to continue in the more familiar Giltrap style – amusing narratives, self-deprecating wit and an exhibition of exceptional genius with wood and wire.

The first set seemed to encompass older favorites: Maddie, Isabella and Mrs. Singer were all present, and there was a special appearance of Doris’s Smile. The response to a mid-set audience request for Lucifer’s Cage resulted in a slightly incongruous early appearance for this customary encore.

After a brief recess our Troubadour commenced his second stint with a tribute to legends of the past: Bert Jansch and Davy Graham - his version of Angie – before Carrie shared the stage for my favorite of her songs: Holly Blue – with Giltrap accompaniment.

Music continued with some of Gordon’s more recent pieces – Sadie in May, Loren, and Anya’s Dream interspersed with classics – Camber Sands, Five Dollar Guitar, Heartsong (of course), and Down the River – leading all too soon to a finale with the substituted encore, Roots.

I have attended one or two Giltrap gigs over the years and, although there are sometimes issues with venues – and I feel sure that some audiences have been less than forthcoming – I have never left feeling short changed. The combination of Gordon Giltrap and Carrie Martin IS live music at its very best.

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Re: The Broadway, Peterborough. 6 / 1 / 2018

Postby Roger USA » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:21 pm

As I always say Keith, your reviews are the next best thing......

A Roots finale sounds like a rare treat!

Thanks for posting.

All the Best,


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