Gedling - 24 /10 / 2015

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Gedling - 24 /10 / 2015

Postby keithmeredith » Sun Nov 01, 2015 12:36 am

The village of Gedling - formerly known as the centre of a coal-mining region - was long ago subsumed into the rather more metropolitan Greater Nottingham. The local colliery was transformed into a country park in the early nineties.

All Hallows church commands a prominent position – this large and imposing edifice dates from the 11th century and is Grade 1 listed. The magnificent and noble sentinel atop the building is the second highest spire in the county. Illuminated at night, this timeless guardian drew this particular traveler from afar to a warm welcome as I anticipated what was modestly billed as “An Evening with the Legendary Gordon Giltrap.”

On arrival I noted that Malc and Kaz Welch were ably attending merchandise table duties – but it was only during the interval that I realized that Sue and Mike Holton had made the trek north to surprise Gordon. Sue was filming the concert and cinematic images will no doubt be available hereabouts in due course. This support crew was completed and fronted by the wonderful Hilary.

When he took to the stage, our Troubadour looked rested, fresh and alert - prevailing over his current health issues – and inaugurated the entertainment with enthusiasm and passion. Perhaps because this was to be Gordon’s ultimate concert of 2015, there was something of an ‘end of term’ feeling to proceedings.

Gordon’s reminiscences from a long and successful career, his amusing banter and modest, witty, self-mocking manner quickly charmed the gathered flock of some two hundred.

A joke pre-attributed to Mr.Wakeman Senior did cause some anxiety to some present - aware of the risqué nature of some of Rick’s material – fretful as to what was about to come forth from Mr.G’s lips. Fears were unfounded, however, as the anecdote was suitable for those with an easily offended disposition. I won’t repeat the gag – surprisingly it featured Max Bygraves.

The musical component of the performance featured familiar Giltrap tunes ancient and modern – all presented by an outstanding artiste at his zenith. Included, of course, was a cracking outing for the Dodo and particularly vigorous renditions of both Heartsong and Lucifer’s Cage.

The audience, of course, showed their appreciation with gusto.

Of special note was The Lord’s Seat played on the small Viator guitar. The tone of this marvelous little instrument gave a well-known piece an additional resonance and quality that was quite delightful.

Also noteworthy was a genuine new composition – as yet untitled – that I believe possesses all the elements of a classic Giltrap piece.

According to the French polymath, Henri Poincare, “The stars are majestic laboratories - giant crucibles”. Gordon Giltrap is without doubt a star – and his productive compositional crucible has created prodigious and celebrated music for more than four decades.

This reviewer is now temporarily redundant – free to consider some more diverse superlatives for when the Legend returns and the Giltrap Chronicles continue.

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Re: Gedling - 24 /10 / 2015

Postby piotrwargan » Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:34 pm

So beautifully written - Keith. Here is to many many more of your fantastic reviews!

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Re: Gedling - 24 /10 / 2015

Postby GORDON » Sun Nov 01, 2015 3:05 pm

Keith my dear friend.

I shall miss reading your superbly written accounts of my concerts.

Here's hoping that one day I return to full health and can once more step onto a stage somewhere and share these tunes with you all.

Let us not forget that it was you who commissioned what I consider to be one of my best pieces for your beloved Fiona.

Be well Keith and hugs to her indoors.


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Re: Gedling - 24 /10 / 2015

Postby Roger USA » Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:45 pm

Hi Keith,

Thank you for another excellent concert review, you capture the occasion perfectly.

Gedling will always be a special place for me, because it is the first venue where Ethan saw Gordon play live. In addition to Gordon he also vividly remembers meeting you and Fiona, "from Fiona's Smile!", and Mike taking the time to show him the instruments and sound desk. He loved that evening and listens to the CD with Gordon playing perfectly despite the chill conditions. Until that trip Ethan didn't know it could be that cold in May!

Here's to many more of your reviews when Gordon is fit and well again.

All The Best,


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