Sunday, June 28, 2009


Dentdale, Yorkshire

Dentdale Music and Beer Festival

Dentdale, Yorkshire


Dentdale Music and Beer Festival

With the help from most of the community and support from our local business friends (see our official sponsors), we are hoping to ease the credit crunch a little, with all the music totally free for the 2009 event.

The food will be local and cooked by local people, the beer is as local as you can get it, with a good choice of guest beers, and to top things off, a great line up as well.

The Dent Beer and Music Festival is totally free! The way we are making money to stage the event is donations from the retail businesses in Dent, so the pubs, campsites cafe's, shops ect have all made donations, we have a fund raising event at the Manor in May and a concert planned in April. The rest of the money will be made in Beer and food sales which we intend as a community to staff, cook and manage ourselves. We run the Dentdale Show (agricultural show) in August the very same way and it works a treat and it gets the whole community behind what we are doing. Everybody will just have to make sure that they arrive in good time to squeeze into the marquee.

As with the August Dentdale Show, we put on a free event so the village is mad busy, which helps the economy of Dent and any money made up and above a small retainer we need for the following year is handed out to the various organizations in Dent I.e. Pre school, school, Friends of Dent, WI, etc.

So here's to a fantastic weekend and a huge welcome to many a new and old friend to our wonderful Dentdale - let the music begin!!

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