Steven R M Acworth

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Steven R M Acworth

Postby Colinw » Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:24 am

hello out there.
I've never used a forum before so excuse my naivety
I'm looking to get in touch with Steve, he made me #40 in his Tele run of 47. This was in 1990.
I have some great photos of him and myself in his Yalding workshop, and he's never seen them, so I'd like to put that right.
I've played Teamwood, and he lent me the Brickwall tele, while he made mine.
There's a lot of humour in Steve's guitars, especially if they started out for his own use.
All of them are amazingly crafted with incredible playability.
If anyone out there can put me in touch with him, I'd be very grateful.
Many thanks

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Re: Steven R M Acworth

Postby Curt » Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:58 am

Hi there Colin.
Curt here, I knew Steve very well and have many of his paintings and guitars.
I am not sure if you knew already, but thought I better let you know that Steve is no longer with us. Please send me a private message if you would like to chat further and I can give you my number. He left us in the last couple of weeks so the funeral is Monday coming if you don't know already and wish to join. If you aren't able to come to the funeral then I would appreciate if you could send over the photos so that I can share with everyone next week.
My old boss Barry Mitchell from Wing Music used to talk about the 'Brick Wall Tele' and remember him mentioning the dripping pipe!

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